Accardi Pharmacy in Orange City, FL wants to be the pharmacy you think of when you need help and advise!

In order to accomplish that, we have endeavored to be the best in our profession and on the cutting edge of new developments in health care. We are fully stocked with everything you need – whether you have to tackle that cold and cough or you are dealing with the effects of a new medicine.

The dictionary says that a pharmacy is a store where medicinal drugs are dispensed and sold. While that is one of the services we provide, it certainly does not end there! You just have to stop by to explore all that we have to offer.

Our consultations are the most important piece of the overall service that we provide to all our customers. You get our full attention in a private setting conducive to talking about your personal medical history. We use our expertise to check over all the medicines you are taking to make sure there are no unwanted interactions. When you pair that analysis with lifestyle choice modifications, you have a total health care package!

Accardi Pharmacy offers full prescription dispensing services, filling regular prescriptions written by medical doctors. And we accept most insurance plans! Our team of licensed pharmacists is always available to consult with you about important issues such as medicine interactions, nutrient depletions and any other questions related to a particular medication.

We also offer compounding services, ideal for medications that are best taken in customized dosages and delivery forms—such as hormone replacement therapy, pain medication and thyroid prescriptions.

Come to Accardi and find out how “We Put the Care Back into Health Care!”